Whole Wheat Noodles

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Not as light as the other noodles, but higher in dietary fibres, which decelerate absorption and prolong the feeling of satiety.

Udon noodles

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Thick noodles made from wheat flour, one of the cornerstones of a Japanese cuisine …


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High in vitamin C, and has a significant vitamin B1-, B2 and niacin content. High in carbohydrates.


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These gluten-free and egg-free light noodles are made of mung bean starch. High in inulin.


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High in thiamine and riboflavin, it contains thrice as much zink as chicken. An excellent source of zink and potassium. BASE


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High humidity, excellent potassium content and optimal protein content, although in the case of this mushroom the human body does not utilize the latter.


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Highest in iron and zink among the various types of meat. Somewhat heavy, fat content varies by body part, high in protein.

Egg Noodles

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High in protein and iodine due to the egg content, which also increases the calories per gram.